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 The Laws of Tempest

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PostSubject: The Laws of Tempest   Tue Jun 01, 2010 6:06 pm

1. There will be no discrimination between species. Any racial behaviour will result in a fine or even imprisonment.
2. The journey to Earth is a one way journey. If you decide to go back, there is no returning.
3. Any illiegal immigrants will be instantly put to death.
4. Taverns are to sell alcohol to anyone over the age of 14.
5. The legal age for sexual intercourse is 14.
6. Theft will result in imprisonment.
7. The death penalty will be used in the event of terrorism or in a state of war.
8. In the event of war, any strong male over the age of 20 shall be recriuted.
9. In the event of civil war, the Queen will fight for one side.
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The Laws of Tempest
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