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 Posting Rules

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PostSubject: Posting Rules   Tue Jun 01, 2010 5:55 pm

Posting rules -

1. Please make your posts more than 5 sentences good sentences long. Any shorter and the post will be deleted. The admins are strict on this!
2. Please make sure you reply to all your posts until the topic ends, to avoid stories getting confusing.
3. Please keep to the main plot and if you have a significant character that might alter the plot of the whole site, check it with VampireInTheSky first.
4. You can swear but if I or any other admin thinks posts are too strong in language they will be deleted, so please keep an eye on your language. We don't want to scare away ay newcomers!
5. Any abusive behaviour ANYWHERE on the site that isn't in character will end in immediate banning. Cyber bullying will NOT be tolerated on this site.
6. Please do not start posting with a character until said character's application has been approved by VampireInTheSky.
7. If you do not post for a month without giving an admin a reason for not posting, you will recieve an email from one of the admins (VampireInTheSky or IPredictARave) asking you to post within a certain amount of time or tell us why you won't be psoting. You will have a chance to either of the above two, but if you do not, your account will be deleted.
People who sign up to forums and do not post annoy me.


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Posting Rules
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