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 Queen Amaranth - The Witch Queen of Tempest

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PostSubject: Queen Amaranth - The Witch Queen of Tempest   Tue Jun 01, 2010 5:51 pm

Queen Amaranth is the witch Queen of Tempest and is caught up in the war raging between the realms of life and death. She has ruled for many years, after her late Father, King Xavier, and has done a good job; her people respect and love her, and her Kingdom is one of peace and happiness. But the war has pushed its way into many lives and now the Queen must choose which side she must fight for, knowing that no matter what her choice, her Kingdom will split and become trapped within the depths of a civil war.
The Queen is talking to her guards, but there is nothing she can do; whatever happens, hatred, anger and greed will consume the creatures of the night she has loved and ruled for so many years.
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Queen Amaranth - The Witch Queen of Tempest
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