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 Main Plot - June 2010 to June 2011

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PostSubject: Main Plot - June 2010 to June 2011   Tue Jun 01, 2010 5:47 pm

Many hundreds of years ago, Earth was the home of a peaceful harmony between many different species. I’m not just talking about animals such as cats and dogs. I’m talking about another species, a group of creatures all associated with much darker tales than mere animals. The creatures of the night; vampires, witches, spirits, angels and more lived in harmony with human beings. They lived alongside each other for years; the humans knowing nothing of the existence of these supernatural beings they were thriving amongst. The harmony stood in balance, precarious yet strong, for hundreds and hundreds of years, unbreakable and yet so fragile.
But soon the beautiful harmony began to play out of sync, and the humans began to play to a different tune. As humans became more intelligent and scientific, they realised they were not alone, and began believing in the creatures they were breathing next to. Tales of horror spread and the humans hunted vampires, murdered witches, exorcised spirits and abused angels. The planet Earth no longer sat in a peaceful tranquillity, it was gripped within the dark reaches of war: A war between the light and the dark.
But light does not always equate to good, just as dark does not always equate to evil. And soon the humans became so consumed in their own greed that the creatures of the night left them to ruin themselves. They sought refuge on another planet that sat not in a realm, but between realms. Here, in the realm between life and death, the witches, vampires, spirits and other creatures that were hunted down and killed on Earth lived in peace with each other.
In a new formed land named Tempest, a Queen rules with a ruthless love that all her subjects respect. But the realm between life and death isn’t just plain sailing. Can the creatures of the night survive the depths of hell and the far reaches of heaven clashing above their heads? Can they live with a never ending war going on around them? Or will they get caught up in it too, and be forced to take sides?
Will Queen Amaranth, Queen of Tempest, fight for heaven or hell?
And who will you fight for?
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Main Plot - June 2010 to June 2011
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